Skema Sertifikasi Kompetensi Food and Beverage Service

Unit Kompetensi

  1. Access and Retrieve Computer-Based Data
  2. Comply with Workplace Hygiene Procedures
  3. Implement Occupational Health and Safety Procedures
  4. Perform Clerical Procedures
  5. Perform Basic First Aid Procedures
  6. Read and Interpret Basic Instructions, Directions and/or Diagrams
  7. Work in a Socially Diverse Environment
  8. Receive and Securely Store ln-Cominq Goods
  9. Establish and Maintain a Safe Working Environment
  10. Manage Quality Customer Service
  11. Roster Staff
  12. Berkomunikasi Melalui Telepon
  13. Communicate Effectively on the Telephone
  14. Promote Product and Service to the Customer
  15. Speak English at a Basic Operational Level
  16. Provide Food and Beveraqe Services
  17. Process a Financial Transaction for Services Rendered
  18. Provide Gueridon Service
  19. Provide Silver Service
  20. Serve a Range of Wine Products
  21. Prepare and Serve Cocktail
  22. Start Conversations and Develop Good Relations with Guests
  23. Develop and Update Local Knowledqe
  24. Maintain Hospitality Industry Knowledqe
  25. Manage and Resolve Conflict Situations
  26. Receive and Resolve Customer Complaints
  27. Work Effectively with Colleagues and Customers
  28. Perform Child Protection Duties Relevant to the Tourism Industry
  29. Develop and Maintain Food and Beveraae Product Knowledqe
  30. Provide a Link Between Kitchen and Service Area
  31. Prepare and Serve Cocktails
  32. Coach Others in job Skills
  33. Monitor Staff Performance Standards
  34. Monitor Routine Workplace Operations

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